25 March 2016 :: Press releases :: News & Events

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Romanian law enforcement officers awarded by SELEC

Bucharest, March 25th, 2016 - The Director General of SELEC, Mr. Gürbüz Bahadir, and the Director for Operations, Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu, participated today at the ceremony organized with the occasion of the “Romanian National Police Day”.

During the event the certificates for bi-annual awards were granted for the successful operations FRENKLIN, GREEN ARROW and TENACIOUS, cases conducted by the Romanian officers from the Directorate for Countering Organized Criminality, Police Inspectorate of Constanţa County and Special Operations Directorate, within the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police.

Operation FRENKLIN is a joint investigation directed to an organized criminal group involved in manufacturing and distributing counterfeit money in denomination of 100 USD, the illegal print shop being located on the territory of Serbia. The  counterfeit technique and materials identified the forged bills seized in all countries as part of the same manufacturing process. Tracking the movement of the forged currency and the vast intelligence activity, lead the investigators to the conclusion that the counterfeiting and distribution of the USD was part of a transnational and transborder network.

Police cooperation among Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Romanian and Serbian officers was based on a timely exchange of information through SELEC Liaison Officers, and by organization of operational meetings coordinated and supported by SELEC. During these meetings, the participants exchanged all collected information and agreed upon the further steps in the investigation.

During this investigation, due to the special investigative measures carried out, Montenegrin Police also solved a very important case related to the bomb attack and setting on fire the vehicle of the Police Chief.

This joint investigation involving the competent authorities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia led to the arrest of 27 persons, seizure of 32,000 EUR and of almost 2400 pieces of forged 100 USD bills.

Operation GREEN ARROW is a successful joint investigation in the field of drug trafficking involving the law enforcement institutions from Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, that lead to the arrest of 4 persons, seizure of approximately 333 kg heroin and 136,000 EUR.

As the members of the criminal network used to act in many states, in order to prove the criminal activities, cooperation between the competent authorities of the above-mentioned SELEC Member States, as well as Ukraine, BKA and DEA was needed.

The exceptional international and inter-institutional cooperation supported by SELEC was one of the key factors that ensured the success of this investigation.

Operation TENACIOUS is a joint investigation in the field of migrants’ smuggling targeting dismantling an international criminal network focused on trafficking with migrants acting from Middle East, via Romania, to Western Europe. The criminal network was acting towards Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Schengen States, using Hungary and Austria as entry points.

Competent authorities from the involved SELEC Member States cooperated under SELEC umbrella for gathering various types of evidences and exchanging operative information throughout the investigative process and also after the prosecution of the network members. As a result 16 persons were arrested and prosecuted, 25,000 EUR were seized and almost 180 migrants were detected and assisted.

The cooperation among the institutions of Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey continues, with the contribution of SELEC and its Liaison Officers.

Operation FRENKLIN and Operation GREEN ARROW nominated by Romania were awarded by SELEC with the First prize for the second semester of 2015, whilst Operation TENACIOUS received the Third prize.

Along with the Certificates given for the prized operations, the Director for Operations of SELEC, Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu addressed the audience and offered a plaquette of appreciation for the continuous support to SELEC to the Inspector General of the Romanian Police, Police quaestor Bogdan Despescu.