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Bucharest/Romania, July 1, 2015 - Having in mind the excellent results of previous SELEC operations and taking into consideration that the Balkans region is one of the priority areas of the fight against serious and organized crime coordinated by EUROPOL, on the ground of the initiative of the Hungarian National Police, a new regional operation was proposed to fight against illicit trafficking of vehicles with the active involvement of SELEC, EUROPOL (as part of the EMPACT Joint Action Days series) and INTERPOL. The new operation code-named “Operation HIT 2 - Joint Action Day BLUE AMBER” was carried out during 1st 3rd of June 2015, with the participation of 11 SELEC Member States and of SELEC partners.

An Operational Coordination Unit has been set at the EUROPOL Headquarters, where experts and liaison officers from SELEC Member States and partners worked together with their EUROPOL colleagues for fulfilling the tasks and reaching the main goals of the regional interdiction operation.

During the operation, 390 stolen vehicles were seized by all participants. Within the Southeast European region, the SELEC Member States reported the arrest of 9 persons and 105 stolen vehicles seized, with an estimated value of over 1,1 million EUR.

Mr. Cristian Duţă, Director for Operations of SELEC, emphasized that “SELEC is the most efficient platform for exchanging information, experiences and good practices, conducting successful joint investigations and operations, with the aim of ensuring an effective and coherent cooperation with the Member States and partners for prevention and combating of all types of trans-border crimes in the Southeast European region."