Successful Operations :: Operational Activities

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Successful Operations

2017- Successful joint investigation on migrants’ smuggling

2017- 44 kg of heroin and 9 kg of marijuana seized during a SELEC coordinated operation

2017- Excellent coordination among three law enforcement authorities in an illegal drug trafficking case

2017- Further results of the joint investigation PEKOM in the field of cultural heritage smuggling

2017- More than 200,000 bitcoins in value of 500 million USD seized by the Bulgarian authorities

2017- Significant quantities of drugs seized by Albanian authorities

2017- Successful operation conducted by Bulgarian and Turkish authorities in the field of cultural heritage objects smuggling

2017 - Connections with terrorist groups identified during Turkish Operation KABATAŞ, supported by SELEC, targeting smuggling of migrants

2016 - 80 kg of heroin seized during a joint investigation supported by SELEC

2016 - Operation "The Pack" targeting people smuggling led to several arrest

2016 - Almost 100 illegal migrants apprehended during a joint action supported by SELEC

2016 - Successful joint investigation conducted by Albanian authorities with SELEC support and involvement

2016 - SELEC supports successful operation conducted by Bulgarian and Romanian authorities

2016 - Seizure of 62 kg of heroin during a joint action between Turkish and Bulgarian authorities

2015 - First prize granted to Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Serbia for the Operation SIMBOX

2015 - Huge International Cooperation to Tackle Organized Crime

2015 - First Prize granted to Romania for Operation “PHOENIX/BRUNO””

2014 - Second Prize granted to Bosnia and Herzegovina for Operation “WALKER II”

2014 - Third Prize granted to Romanian Police for Operation “ADVISER”

2014 - Successful Operation in the Field of Cigarettes Smuggling

2014 - Drug Trafficking Group Dismantled with SELEC Support

2014 - Operation “PANDORA” - a successful operation in the field of customs fraud, tax evasion, smuggling and money laundering

2014 - 130 kg of marijuana skunk seized and 23 perpetrators arrested in the Joint Investigation “WALKER II”

2014 - Operation “SHILLING” - a successful operation in the field of drug trafficking and weapons smuggling

2014 - Third Prize Granted to Bosnia and Herzegovina for Operation “BOS”

2014 - First prize for the successful Joint Operation „La Piovra del Patron”

2014 - Organized Crime Group dismantled in the frame of Joint Operation “AVANTI”

2013 - OPERATION "LEASE CAR II" – a joint operation in the field of vehicle crime

2013 - OPERATION “SOUTH” - a successful operation carried out with the support of SELEC

2013 - 25 kg heroin seized and 6 offenders arrested in the frame of SELEC Joint investigation “TIRANA”

2013 - Successful Operation in the Field of Drug Trafficking

2013 - Successful Romanian Operation ELDORADO

2011 - The Head of a Criminal Group Arrested in Bulgaria

2009 - Controlled Delivery Operation Successfully Conducted

2008 - "The Murderer from Giulesti" caught in couple of hours with the help of SECI Center

2007 - Bosnian Criminal Groups Dismantled

2006 - Illegal Migration Network Dismantled

2004 - Operation Flash Hotel