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Throughout 2017, the following 12 analytical products were developed:

Analytical reports

  • 2016 Report on Drug Seizures in Southeast Europe (SEE)
  • 2016 Report on Human Trafficking in SEE
  • 2016 Report on Illegal Migration in SEE
  • 2016 Report of Tobacco Products Smuggling in SEE
  • 2012-2016 Report on Vehicles Crime in SELEC Member States
  • Regional Assessment on Container Security for 2015-2016

Evaluation reports on regional operations

  • Evaluation Report of Operation SPARE PARTS targeting illicit trade and trafficking of vehicle spare parts
  • Evaluation Report of Operation KNOW HOW II targeting counterfeit goods
  • Evaluation Report of Operation ECLIPSE II targeting smuggling of cigarettes, raw and smoking tobacco
  • Evaluation Report of Regional Operation MIRAGE targeting illegal migration and smuggling of migrants
  • Evaluation Report on Regional Operation ORION 3 targeting illegal hunting of protected animals
  • Operational Analysis Report on Joint investigation Black Road targeting