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Controlled Delivery Manual for South East Europe


Drug trafficking in South-Eastern Europe remains a seri­ous and multi-faceted problem. Controlled deliveries, under which illicit narcotic or psycho­tropic substances and their precursors may pass through a number of countries under the supervision of authorities, is a useful tool to tackle trafficking, because it helps authori­ties identify the scope of an operation and its perpetrators.

In March 2008, OSCE invited SECI Center to join the project of preparing a Controlled Delivery Manual for South East Europe, by supporting the collection of necessary data from the SECI countries and to keep the manual updated after preparation.

The project was presented by OSCE representative at the 14th Anti-Drug Task Force Meeting in May 2008 and obtained the SECI Center JCC approval at the regular meeting on 6 of June 2008.

The SECI Center had the task to collect the necessary data based on a Questionnaire submitted by OSCE and to keep the Manual updated after preparation.

This manual, jointly produced by the OSCE’s Strategic Police Matters Unit and the SECI Regional Center for Combating Transborder Crime, helps to improve co-opera­tion across states and agencies by providing practitioners with names and contact numbers of authorizing persons in neighboring countries, an overview of legislation on the subject and other useful information to help ensure an operation’s success.

SELEC and OSCE regularly update the Manual; this useful tool being disseminated it only for law enforcement and judicial use.