How SELEC works :: About SELEC

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The Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC) is a unique operational organization which facilitates the rapid exchange of information between law enforcement agencies from different countries regarding trans-border criminal cases.

SELEC coordinates regional operations, putting together the resources of the 11 Member States in order to dismantle organized crime networks.

SELEC’s operational activities are conducted within the frames of eight Task Forces addressing issues of drugs and human beings trafficking, stolen vehicles, smuggling and customs fraud, financial and computer crimes, terrorism, container security and environmental and nature related crimes.

SELEC issues analysis and reports on specific areas targeting organized crime and organizes trainings for Member States' law enforcement representatives.

How SELEC works

SELEC's network is composed of the Liaison Officers from Police and Customs Authorities of the Member States, supported by 11 National Focal Points established in each Member State. The National Focal Points’ representatives stay in permanent contact with the Liaison Officers in the SELEC Headquarters and keep close relationships with the Police and Customs Authority in the Host Country.

The National Focal Points assure the rapid information flow, by collecting and distributing the information requests and answers from and to the law enforcement agencies and the Headquarters Liaison Officers.