2006 - Illegal Migration Network Dismantled :: Successful Operations :: Operational Activities

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Operation “Danube” Illegal Migration Network Dismantled

The Operation “Danube” was initiated by Serbia, in December 2006, based on information collected regarding a criminal network which transported illegal migrants Albanian and Turkish citizens, via Serbia towards Western Europe, as well as Chinese citizens via Serbia towards the Former Republic of Macedonia. Five countries in South East Europe joined forces and, supported by the SECI Center, dismantled the international organized criminal group.
            Through synchronized investigations and information exchange between the officers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, data on criminal groups organized on “cell” principle were collected and the necessary actions were commonly agreed in order to stop the members of the network.
            According to police information, in the first months of 2007, almost 100 migrants have been smuggled. The migrants paid up to 3000 Euro for an illegal “trip”.
            In May 2007, 72 persons were arrested for grounded suspicion that they had organize migrants transports.

Time flow

  • 12.12.2006 – Vukovar, Croatia – joint meeting coordinated by the SECI Center with the participations of representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia and Slovenia. At the meeting it was agreed the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia to coordinate “Danube” Operation, as well as each participating country to nominate coordinators of the operation for more accurate and efficient exchange of information on regular basis.
  • The results of investigations conducted in each SECI country involved in the case are shared at the follow up meetings held in Serbia – Belgrade (January 23rd) and Palič (March 27th  -28th)
  • 21-22.05.2007 – Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – coordinators of the investigation and case prosecutors from all five countries share the final results
  • 28.05.2007 – the Serbian authorities have gathered all the necessary evidence and start making arrests
  • Synchronized investigations in Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia lead to important arrests, too

Operation successfully accomplished

  • A very well organized criminal network dismantled
  • 72 persons arrested in 5 SECI countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia)