2007 - Bosnian Criminal Groups Dismantled :: Successful Operations :: Operational Activities

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Bosnian Criminal Groups Dismantled

Operation “LEOTAR” was initiated by the Bosnian authorities in 2007, based on the information regarding a criminal group who was involved in illegal activities, especially drug trafficking in several countries in the region.

The information exchanged between the Ministries of interior of the Republic of Srpska, Federation of  Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Canton HNK revealed the necessity of a regional meeting of law enforcement agencies from Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, too.

The case was submitted to the SECI Center and a meeting of the case coordinators was organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the end of last year. The police officers maintained permanent contact and exchanged information about this case, gathering proves and details about the organizational structure of the criminal group.

In August, the Bosnian police searched 99 objectives, houses, apartments, vehicles, etc. where they discovered 60 kg of marijuana and over half of kilogram of cocaine and  hashish. Also, a large number of fire weapons, ammunition and explosives was discovered.  After this major police intervention, 65 persons were arrested and the case submitted to the prosecutors.

In a similar investigation related to drug trafficking, 16 persons were detained by the officers within the Ministry of interior of Republic of Srpska, after a investigation conducted with the help of SECI Center and the Ministries of interior from Austria and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.  In operation “BORAC- BUNKER”  500 grams of heroin, and small quantities  of cocaine, marijuana, Speed, Ecstasy and other amphetamine based drugs were seized.