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"The Murderer from Giulesti" caught in couple of hours
with the help of SECI Center

The Romanian and Serbian liaison officers from the SECI Center facilitated the exchange of information on the case and helped at tracing the suspect in the homicide that horrified Bucharest

25 year of imprisonment announced on Wednesday, 19th of March, 2008

“The phone rang at midnight. It was the number of a Romanian Police official. I have jumped out of the bed.

- Good evening. We need your help to catch the suspect for the murders from Giulesti.” This is how the Romanian Liaison Officer starts his story.

It was the Sunday night, the 4th of December 2005, when the Romanian and Serbian police liaison officers from the SECI Regional Center for Combating Trans-border Crime were asked to get involved and help the Romanian authorities in catching the suspect of a triple homicide.

On Sunday after-noon, a woman, her husband and her mother were killed in a suburb of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The Romanian investigators learnt that a Swiss citizen, of Italian origin, Jean Pierre Francois Sgueglia, the dead woman’s lover, was the alleged  author of the horrible crime.
At 16.46 the Romanian authorities tagged the suspect at all border check points. Unfortunately, the border police announced that the suspect already left Romania and entered Bulgaria, at Giurgiu-Ruse.

The investigation continued involving all the agencies that could help.

At 24.00 the Romanian Liaison Officer working at the SECI Center is asked to step in. Until now the Romanian authorities gathered all the information indicating that the suspect had crossed Bulgaria, driving to Serbia.

“In half an hour I arrived at SECI Center. On my way I called my Serbian colleague”, the Romanian remembers. “When my coworker called me I was near Bucharest. It took me only an hour to get to the Center. I found all the details of the case when I met the Romanian police liaison officer”, the Serbian Police LO recounts.  Meanwhile all the documents needed for the exchange of information had been prepared. The Serbian Police LO immediately sent all the documents to Serbia.

“All the proper authorities in Serbia were waiting for the suspect. They had all the elements to identify him. We were so anxious, me and my colleague. I was calling my country’s police officers every 15 minutes, trying to find out something new”, the Serbian said.

The two police officers were trying to identify other possible routes. The information indicated the fugitive’s goal was to enter Italy in his way to Switzerland. If he had arrived in his country, it would have been extremely difficult to extradite him.

It was mandatory to find him as soon as possible. One route could have been through Croatia, another SECI Center member state. The liaison officers announced Croatian police representatives about this possibility.

Meanwhile, they were focused on Serbia.

At 2.30, the much awaited answer came. “We got him”, the Serbian Officer announced his colleague.  
The police officers caught the suspect near Belgrade. The Serbian police chased him on the highway entering the capital city and detained him.

The Romanian authorities have been announced. The warrant was sent by the Interpol office to Serbian authorities on Monday morning.

Respecting all the legislation and procedures, the suspect has been extradited in July.  On Wednesday, the 19th of March 2008, Jean Pierre Francois Sgueglia   has been condemned to 25 year of prison.

The article is based on the records of the SECI Center’s Romanian and Serbian police liaison officers that worked on the case in December 2005.