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Anti-Terrorism Task Force

Coordinator: Republic of Turkey

February 2003

• Trafficking in Small Arms and Light Weapons (Republic of Albania)
• Trafficking in Weapons of Mass Destruction (Romania)
• Terrorist Groups (Republic of Turkey)



The 7th Meeting of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force


The 6th Meeting of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force


Workshop on Dual Use Commodities for Prosecutors and Investigators


Workshop addressing the links between Terrorism and Organized Crime, 4-5 November 2013, Antalya/ Republic of Turkey


5th Anti-Terrorism Task Force Meeting and Regional Workshop on Countering Terrorist Financing

Financing of terrorism in South-East Europe, the focus of regional workshop


7 meetings at international level

Workshop on Counter-terrorism organized by SECI Center in cooperation with RCC and UN Counter Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED)


4th Anti-Terrorism Task Force Meeting, 23 October, Bucharest, Romania

2 working meetings

Joint Investigations

Joint investigation on small arms and light weapons among Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia


Working Meeting between SECI Center management and Turkish experts

Workshop on Anti-Terrorism, 15-16 October
Anti-Terrorism Workshop

Training on Operations against Hi-jacked Planes (pictures bellow)


The terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 has opened a new chapter for combating terrorism and the related organized crime phenomenon.
The Joint Cooperation Committee, the highest decision body of SECI Center, immediately recognized that the usual way of fighting terrorism was not sufficient and effective. There is a need for a new approach for combating terrorism and it is expressed in a declaration and a resolution that identify the related issues of the SECI Center region.
The Bucharest Declaration on the Suppression of Terrorism and the Resolution on assistance to the Investigative process related to the terrorist attack in the USA, September 11, 2001 underlined the awareness of the growing concern caused by the increase of the number of terrorists attacks.
The Anti-Terrorism Task Force was born by merging the task force on trafficking of small and light weapons, coordinated by Albania, and the task force coordinated by Romania on combating trafficking of nuclear and strategic materials. The Task Force is coordinated by the Turkish National Police.
Following the post-blast investigation of the November 2003 attacks in Turkey, the meeting of the sub-group on terrorist groups was held with the participation of senior experts from the SECI Center member countries, as well as the investigators of the terrorist incident in Istanbul. The specific experience obtained through the investigations throughout Turkey was shared with the attendants.

Pictures: Training on Operations against Hi-jacked Planes Ankara, Turkey, 2008