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Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force

Coordinator: Republic of Bulgaria

Established: July 2000



SELEC organized a workshop exploring the connections between firearms and drug trafficking


The 23rd meeting of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force, 17 October 2017, Bucharest/Romania


The 22nd meeting of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force- Workshop on strengthening the cooperation between Police and Customs in combating drug trafficking


21st Meeting of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force, 26-27 May 2015, Arbanasi/ Republic of Bulgaria


Workshop on Tackling Drug Trafficking, 23-25 September 2014, Sarajevo/ Bosnia and Herzegovina.

20th Meeting of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force, 20-21 May 2014, Bucharest/ Romania


19th Meeting of Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force, 21-22 May 2013, Bucharest/ Romania


18th Meeting of Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force, 22-23 May, Sarajevo, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina


17th Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force Meeting, 10-11 May, Sandanski, Bulgaria
17th Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force Meeting


During the 16th Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force Meeting, 18-19 of May, Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the 2009 Report on Drug Seizures in South Eastern Europe was presented.

30 international meetings and activities
Operational Meeting of the SECI Center and CARICC Member States and Their Partners with Focus on Countering Drug Trafficking

Joint Investigations

Joint investigation ADA 2 - law enforcement authorities from Bulgaria and Romania and U.S. DEA developed the investigation on criminal organized group involved in large scale heroin deliveries
Joint investigation KISELINA-VEGA - Bulgarian and Serbian authorities targeted multinational organized crime group involved in drug and precursor trafficking
Joint investigation HUSKY - cold hit transborder controlled delivery carried out among Bulgarian and Romanian Customs, Police and Prosecutor authorities
Cocaine controlled delivery involving Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and UK Serious Organized Crime Agency


The 15th Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force Meeting, 28-29 of April, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

18 international meetings and joint activities
Countering Drug Trafficking Seminar

One week Training on Illegal Trafficking of Drugs was organized by U.S. FBI in Skopje.

Regional Operations

Regional Operation BARTER - region wide operation targeting ecstasy and amphetamines trafficking and combating heroin smuggling by land along the Balkan route

Joint Investigations

17 joint investigations, out of which 5 controlled deliveries were initiated in 2009.

Operation GERYK - controlled delivery among Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic
Operation BOSFOR-5 - controlled delivery among Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece
Controlled Delivery Successfully Conducted
Operation JIM - among Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria
111 kg of Heroin Seized and 6 Persons Arrested in Bulgaria Following Information Exchange through SECI Center
Operation EGYPT - among Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey on organized criminal group involved in transborder heroin trafficking and armed robberies
Joint investigation among Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia and Turkey
134,5 kg of Heroin Seized in Turkey Following Information Exchanged through SECI Center


Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force Meeting, 27-28 of May, Bucharest, Romania
Report on Drug Trafficking in South East Europe

17 international meetings and activities
Fighting Drug Trafficking

Joint Investigations

8 joint investigations were supported by SECI Center during 2008.
Operation LEOTAR - case initiated by Bosnia and Herzegovina and solved with the cooperation of Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia
Operation BORAK BUNKER - among Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Austria
Operation ROTUS - among Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania United States DEA and UK


The Task Force on Drug Trafficking was established on July 24-25, 2000 in Sofia. Bulgaria was chosen as a leading country and a coordinator was appointed from the National Service for Combating Organized Crime, Anti-Drug Department.

Within the frameworks of this task force there have been coordinated joint investigations, controlled deliveries, regional operations. SECI Center also developed strategic analysis on drug issues and organized trainings for the law enforcement officer of the member countries.

Containment Type Operations

Since 2002, this Task Force has been leading a region-wide initiative to interdict drugs from transiting Southeast Europe and each year operations have been organized with the active participation of all the member countries and some of the observer states.

These regional operations were coordinated by the SECI Center under the general code- name Containment and targeted drugs concealed in various means of transportation.

The main purpose is to seize as much Southwest Asian (SWA) heroin as possible before it reached the illegal markets in Western Europe .

The secondary goal was to gather intelligence aimed at criminal enterprises.

The average duration of an operation was 10 days.

"Containment" became a "trade-mark" operation of SECI Center, being conducted each year with spectacular results.

1,5 tones of drugs were seized during Operations Containment organized between 2002 and 2007.

Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis on Drug Trafficking is an important activity developed by the Center to support the countries.

In 2004, the national representatives agreed on the production of a consolidated regional drug seizure report every year, in order to keep up to date on drug trafficking within Southeast Europe.

The report is based exclusively on contributions from the participating countries at the SECI Regional Center and is for law enforcement use only.

The first Report on South East European Drug Seizures was released in April 2005 in Varna , Bulgaria.