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Romulus Nicolae UNGUREANU
Director for Operations

Romulus Ungureanu was born in 1977 in Buzau, Romania. Having graduated the police cadets in 1996 he was admitted and graduated the Police Academy - University of Law in 2000 and started his career within the Romanian National Police in the surveillance and investigation unit.

Between 2002 and 2005 Mr. Ungureanu, was selected as investigator to be part of the Romanian-UK task force REFLEX, a specialist multi-agency team, focussing on organized crime, particularly THB and people smuggling, co-operating and coordinating directly with a number of UK Police forces, including the Metropolitan Police Force and Kent Constabulary, as well as Police Services in a number of other EU Member States large operations against organised crime.

In 2005 he was promoted as senior investigator within the Organised Crime Department leading a multi-agency team of officers combating organised crime groups involved in people smuggling and THB, in close co-operation with LEA from EU Member States and EUROPOL, INTERPOL, FBI. Co-ordinated and guided the development of investigations both nationally and internationally. Represented Romania to COSPOL - TG MOLUK Project on illegal immigration facilitated by Organized Crime Groups originating from Eastern Europe – specific European initiative in the fight against people smuggling. Conducted and coordinated cross border investigations in relations to organised crime together with different countries such as Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, UK etc.

As a result of his achievements he was promoted in 2008 Head of Unit and tasked to establish a specialized police unit to fight children and human organs trafficking, supervising and coordinating this activity at national level.

In all this time Mr. Ungureanu directly conducted and supervised cross border investigations of several complex operations including collecting† of intelligence, surveillance, coordinated arrest in several countries, search and seizure operations, executed complex Letters of judicial assistance.

In 2009 Mr. Ungureanu was promoted to the position of Director of the National Agency against Trafficking in Persons. In this capacity, among others, he lead, supervised and coordinated the working group on the National Strategy for Combating THB, developed strategies, guidelines and public policies, ensured inter-agency coordination and cooperation, fostering the development of partnerships with other institutions, international bodies and civil society. Also, he led on all international relations, including both strategies and projects.† At the same time he served as the National co-ordinator of anti-trafficking policies for Romania.

An active promoter of international cooperation, Mr. Ungureanu has coordinated more than 20 European and international anti-trafficking projects with a value of several millions of euro. As a recognized international expert he has provided guidance and expertise either whilst performing training, delivering expertise on JIT or implementing new legislative actions in different countries when required, through TAIEX, EUROPOL, INTERPOL, OSCE, OIM etc.

One of the key working principles in Mr. Ungureanuís activity is the active partnership among all the actors involved in international judicial cooperation, in a trustful and productive environment, while considering an effective use of available resources and attracts the new and innovative techniques and technologies.

On the 7th of May 2015 Mr. Ungureanu was elected by the Members States of SELEC as Director for Operations and officially started this function on first of October. In this position he is performing regional coordination of law enforcement activities to prevent, detect, investigate and combat trans-border crime in accordance with SELEC Convention, international law and national laws of the SELEC Member States.

Mr. Ungureanu hold a bachelor in law, an MA on combating organized crime, post graduate qualification in international relations, post graduate qualification in communication, post graduate qualification in strategic management, graduate of Romanian Diplomatic Institute, and graduate of International Visitor Leadership Program USA.

Mr Ungureanu is ranked in the Romanian Police as a chief commissar (chief superintendent/colonel).

He speaks Romanian, English and French and his interests include history, psychology and travelling.