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Cooperation with SELEC is available to any State or international organization or body, which has a particular interest in law enforcement cooperation in Southeast European region.

Observer status in SELEC shall be open upon request to any State or international organization or body that expresses its readiness to cooperate with and to make a contribution to the implementation of SELEC's objective.

The application of the former Permanent Observers to the SECI Center and Permanent Advisers to the Joint Cooperation Committee of the SECI Center shall be done by an official declaration addressed to SELEC’s Director General.

For any other State or international organization or body that wish to become Observer, the status shall be granted by a decision of the SELEC Council, taken by consensus.

The Observer status gives the opportunity to participate in SELEC's different meetings, trainings or seminars, without
the right to participate in operational activities and to exchange personal or classified data.

An Observer has the opportunity to post, at its cost, representatives at the Headquarters of SELEC for the purpose of cooperation with our organization.