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The objective of SELEC, within the framework of cooperation among Competent Authorities, is to provide support for Member States and enhance coordination in preventing and combating crime, including serious and organized crime, where such crime involves or appears to involve an element of trans-border activity.


Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hellenic Republic, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Turkey.


The new Convention provides for SELEC to:
  • Coordinate regional operations and support investigations and crime prevention activities of the Member States in trans-border cases;
  • Provide the Member States with the opportunity to exchange information and criminal intelligence and offer operational assistance in a quick and timely manner;
  • Collect, collate, analyze, process and disseminate information and criminal intelligence;
  • Produce strategic analysis and threat assessments related to its objective;
  • Establish, operate and maintain a computerized information system, which implies also to ensure the protection of personal data.

The beneficial gain for the Members States, as well as the Center's partners, will be found in the ability to handle result-oriented multinational investigations and operations in the South Eastern European region with a minimal investment. SELEC aspires to continue being a depositary of good practices in law enforcement and providing awareness through multinational meetings and conferences, bringing together the representatives of Member States as well as of its partners.


On 7th of October 2011 the SECI Center became SELEC, while its operational and strategic capabilities were maintained and transferred to the new SELEC.

SELEC inherits the success of SECI Center - 12 years of operational activities, joint investigations, meetings, workshops and strategic analysis covering the most sensitive trans-border criminal fields in the South Eastern European region. Throughout this period, the intensive exchange of information through the liaison officers and Centerís communication channels successfully supported the efforts of the law enforcement agencies in the Member States.

From an operational perspective, the new SELEC maintains flexibility and operational effectiveness, while enhancing the analysis capacity with a broader information system and an adequate level of protection of personal data in line with EU standards. The new Convention provides an international legal personality to the Center and also defines and sustains cooperation with other major international law enforcement organizations.