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Press Releases

Meeting of Environment and Nature related Crimes Task Force

Bucharest, November 24, 2015 - The 5th Meeting of Environment and Nature related Crimes Task Force was held in Bucharest, at the SELEC Headquarters, with the participation of the SELEC Member States’ experts, representatives of the private sector and of the SELEC partners. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu, Director for Operations of SELEC, and by Mr. Gabor Liczkai, Hungarian Police Officer at SELEC and Manager of the Environment and Nature Related Crimes Task Force.

Mr. Ungureanu welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of protecting the environment for humanity from unlawful deposition of waste, illegal trade of endangered species and pollution of the water.

The Co-Chairman of the Task Force meeting, Mr. Liczkai, made a review of the activities developed within the framework of the Environment and Nature related Crimes Task Force which was established in 2009, being the newest Task Force of SELEC. He mentioned the successful regional operations conducted within this timeframe, namely Orion I, Orion II and Clean Earth, and expressed the intention to enhance the activities of the Task Force and to establish and conduct more operations at regional level.

On behalf of SELEC, Ms. Manuela Nitu, Assistant Criminal Analyst,  presented the Draft Evaluation Report for Operation “Clean Earth” on counterfeit plant protection products and hazardous waste.  This Evaluation Report provides a general overview on the results of the “Clean Earth” Regional Operation initiated by the Romanian National Police and developed under SELEC umbrella within the framework of the Environment and Nature related Crimes Task Force.

All SELEC Member States depicted the current national situation in this field, the results of the developed joint investigations,  focusing their presentations on the new trends,  modus operandi, challenges encountered, and sharing with the other participants their best practices.

Operation Mirage on illegal migration and migrants smuggling

Bucharest, November 10th, 2015 - The Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC) and the Law Enforcement agencies in the Member States coordinated their efforts in an onetime action (Operation Mirage) targeting illegal migration and migrants smuggling in SEE region. The operation was carried out during 2 - 7 November 2015, a large number of illegal migrants being identified and perpetrators facilitating illegal migration being apprehended by the competent authorities in all SELEC Member States.

Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu- Director for Operations of SELEC stated: " Operation Mirage is another example of the outstanding cooperation among the law enforcement agencies from the SELEC Member States. Putting together the resources and acting toward the same goal is increasing our efficiency and the impact against criminal activities. Targeting and dismantling organized criminal groups operating in the area of people smuggling is a high and constant priority, not only during this One Time Action.

The high commitment and continuous engagement of our colleagues from the Member States Law Enforcement Agencies is one of the most important assets in our mutual fight against organized crime."

The final results and details about the activities carried out in the framework of this Operation will be further published.


SELEC Bi-annual Awards Committee decided to grant the following awards to the law enforcement authorities from SELEC Member States for the first semester of 2015, as an appreciation for the successfully finalized joint investigations conducted and supported by SELEC.

First prize

-Operation named SIMBOX in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and CENTRALA in Republic of Serbia is a joint investigation in the field of cybercrime involving Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Serbia, which led to the arrest of 1 person, placing 10 persons under financial investigation, and seizure of several SIMBOX devices, over 40,000 SIM cards, and computer equipment.
The organized criminal group illegally started using telecommunication devices for the use of telephone calls termination. The devices were connected through internet and using the network of foreign mobile communication operators, with their SIM cards, they were establishing international communication at the price of a local telephone communication. In this way they bypassed international telephone traffic using “VOIP” technologies on unregistered pre-paid mobile telephone terminals.
As a result of this criminal activity, the mobile communication operators suffered a financial loss of more than half of million Euro.
The authorities from both involved states used the SELEC Channel for exchanging information, through their Liaison Officers posted at SELEC, and in coordination with their National Focal Points. SELEC facilitated and supported an operational meeting with the aim to perform operational checks necessary for establishing the circumstances under which these criminal offences were committed by the suspects from both countries, as well as to arrange the further steps of the investigation.
This kind of cyber crime is increasing and is a real problem to the mobile communication operators in most of the countries from the SEE region.

News and Events

Practical training course on drug trafficking investigations, controlled delivery operations and money laundering investigations in Southeast Europe

Bucharest, November 23, 2015 - In the period 16 - 20 November 2015, jointly with the Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Bucharest, SELEC organized the "Practical training course on drug trafficking investigations, controlled delivery operations and money laundering investigations in Southeast Europe" for a group of counter-narcotic officers from Saudi Arabia.

The activity was realized at the request of Saudi Arabia, and was opened with welcome speeches addressed by Mr. Gürbüz Bahadir, Director General of SELEC, Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu, Director for Operations of SELEC, and Mr. Nathan Jones, DEA Country Attache.

During the five days-training, Mr. Svetlin Danailov, Bulgarian Police Liaison Officer to SELEC and Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force Manager, Mr. Eliodor Tanislav, Romanian Police Liaison Officer and Mr. Murat Caliskan, Turkish Police Liaison Officer to SELEC, made an extensive presentation about SELEC and its activities in the framework of anti-drug trafficking and money laundering investigations, as well as they provided examples from SELEC’s Annual Drug Seizures Report.

The SELEC Liaison Officers, Mr. Danailov, Mr. Tanislav and Mr. Caliskan, also shared to the participants their expertise regarding special investigative techniques used in this kind of investigations, as well as their experiences in conducting controlled deliveries.

Besides the SELEC Trainers, other lecturers assigned by Republic of Bulgaria, Romania, Republic of Turkey and USA delivered to the participants useful information about the specificities of different kinds of drugs, about how to conduct an international controlled delivery, and about money laundering investigations that is related to the drug trafficking.

The training concluded with open discussions regarding future possibilities of controlled delivery operations and special investigative methods in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia applied for obtaining Operational Partner status with SELEC, currently the Cooperation Agreement being under negotiation.

According to the Decision of the SELEC Council, the Operational Partner status with SELEC is open, upon request, to any State or international organization or body that expresses its readiness to cooperate with SELEC, agrees to provide support to SELEC, and expresses its readiness to conclude a Cooperation Agreement with SELEC.

Job vacancy announcement

Bucharest, November 13th, 2015 - The Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC) opens one position of Assistant Criminal Analyst within the Operational Directorate.

The appointment of the Assistant Criminal Analyst shall be made through competition based only on professional qualities, following an open procedure. The competition is open to all nationals of the SELEC Member States who meet the specified requirements.

The applications should be sent to SELEC Secretariat by December 14, 2015.

If you are interested in applying please read more details in the section “Careers”.

Official visit

Bucharest, November 12th , 2015 - A delegation headed by Mr. Abdullah Soylu, Director General of Customs Enforcement, Ministry of Customs and Trade of Republic of Turkey, accompanied  by the Director General of Customs of Romania, Mr. Claudiu Ardeleanu paid an official visit to SELEC being welcomed by Mr. Gürbüz Bahadir, Director General of SELEC.

The Romanian and Turkish representatives were accompanied by Mr. Aurel Stancu, Romanian Customs Liaison Officer, and by Mr. Murat Caliskan, Turkish Police Liaison Officer posted at SELEC Headquarters.

The discussions covered general issues regarding the customs cooperation in the region, Republic of Turkey’s contribution to the customs activities of SELEC, simplified customs control procedures at borders, and national coordination on border issues among relevant departments.