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Regional Conference on Combating Organized Crime and Transnational Threats

Pristina/ Kosovo*, November 18, 2014 - The Department for Security and Public Safety of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo (OMiK) in close co-operation with the Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs organized a one-day conference having the topic "Regional Co-operation in Combating Organized Crime and Transnational Threats”, on 18th of November 2014 in Pristina/ Kosovo. The conference was a continuation of the efforts to enhance the regional co-operation in order to combat organized crime aiming to bring together various regional law enforcement officers, regional and international institutions and academics from Southeast European region to exchange the best ways and practices on tackling this phenomenon.

The conference was attended by the delegates from the following countries and organizations: Republic of Albania, Republic of Croatia, Hungary, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Turkey, Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom, Italian Republic, Switzerland, European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC), Interpol and Europol.

SELEC was represented at this event by Mr. Cristian Duta, Director for Operations, and Ms. Radka Pavlova, Assistant Criminal Analyst. Mr. Duta delivered a comprehensive presentation regarding the Center’s main goals, successful cases and achievements, while Ms. Pavlova presented the analytical capacities in SELEC and special attention was put on organized crime threat assessment in SEE and relevant analytical products supporting SELEC Member States.

* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and ICJ Advisory opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.


MONACO, November 5, 2014 - The ceremony of signing the Cooperation Agreement between SELEC and INTERPOL took place on 5th of November 2014, on the occasion of the 83rd General Assembly of INTERPOL held in Monaco between 3rd - 7th of November 2014. Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, signed the document on behalf of SELEC.

International Criminal Police Organization - INTERPOL has been granted the Operational Partner status with SELEC on 29th of May 2014, during the 8th Session of the SELEC Council held in Bucharest. The purpose of the Agreement is to strengthen the cooperation between SELEC and INTERPOL in preventing and combating, within their powers, the trans-national organized crime.

On this occasion, Mrs. Maleeva emphasized that: “The Agreement which was signed today will facilitate a better cooperation and more future joint investigations between SELEC and INTERPOL and also will permit signatory organizations to make more efficient use of their capabilities by enabling them to jointly prevent, detect, investigate and suppress global and regional criminal offences or violations of law, such as illicit drug trade, trafficking of human beings, smuggling of counterfeit goods and money, terrorism and other forms of organized criminality. It is essential nowadays to create law enforcement strategies together with our partners and to develop a new understanding and perception for combating trans-border crimes and approaching security in the region.”

Interpol has become the third Operational Partner of SELEC following Italian Republic and the United States of America in the process of confirmation of partnership status according to new SELEC Convention. 15 countries and international organizations have also confirmed their Observer status with SELEC, which brings its 12 Member States together in Southeast Europe in their efforts against trans-border organized criminality.

Second Prize granted to Bosnia and Herzegovina for Operation “WALKER II”

BANJA LUKA/ BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, November 5, 2014 - The Ceremony to hand over the Certificate of Honor for the joint operation „WALKER II” was held on 5th of November 2014 at the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Interior Press Conference Room in Banja Luka/ Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Certificate was delivered to Republic of Srpska Police Director, Mr. Gojko Vasic, in the presence of many Police representatives and mass-media.

The importance of international police cooperation and significant role provided by SELEC to coordinate joint investigations in the Member States in order to diminish the drug trafficking in the Southeast European region was stressed during the press statements given by both Mr. Vasic and Mr. Slaven Rosic, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Police Liaison Officer at SELEC.

On 8th of October 2014, SELEC granted awards to those cases which proved to be successful in fighting trans-border organized crime, for the first semester of 2014.

The awards are granted twice per year and represent recognition of outstanding law enforcement activities carried out by Police and Customs Authorities of SELEC Member States in fighting trans-border organized crime. The goal of the awards is to provide not only a material prize, but also to motivate the law enforcement authorities to use cooperation avenues available through SELEC for fighting trans-border organized crime in Southeast Europe.

On this occasion, the Service for Fight against Organized Crime and Corruption, Republic of Srpska MoI, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was awarded the second prize for the joint operation „WALKER II”.

Operation “WALKER II” was a drug trafficking case carried out in a period of 6 months by the competent law enforcement authorities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia and Montenegro. The investigators searched 27 locations used by the suspects during the international operation, which conducted to the seizure of 130.5 kg of marijuana skunk and arrest of 33 individuals in three countries. The total value of the narcotics seized in June 2014 was estimated to 300,000 EUR on the illegal market. The Police authorities established that an organized crime group was involved in drug trafficking from Republic of Albania via Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Croatia as well as to other countries in Western Europe.

News and Events

Official Visit

Bucharest, November 17, 2014 - The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mrs. Nina Sajic, paid today a visit to SELEC premises, being welcomed by Mr. Gürbüz Bahadir, Director General of SELEC.

During the meeting, there were discussed general issues concerning the police and customs cooperation in the region and has been emphasized the contribution of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Center’s activities, including discussions on future enhancement of the cooperation.


Working Visit

Bucharest, October 23, 2014 - The US State Department Deputy Director for the Office of Central Europe, Mr. Martin McDowell, paid today a visit to SELEC premises, being welcomed by SELEC Management.

During the meeting, there were discussed general issues concerning regional cooperation, SELEC’s achievements in the region, continuance of US interest in SELEC functionality in the future and SELEC’s cooperation with EU agencies.

GUAM Delegation visited SELEC

Bucharest, October 20-21, 2014 - The GUAM delegation consisting of 10 representatives from GUAM Secretariat, Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Republic of Moldova paid a two-day study visit to SELEC Headquarters.

GUAM - Organization for Democracy and Economic Development is an international regional organization which promotes inter alia law enforcement cooperation between GUAM member states within strategic goal to create a common space of integration and safety, strengthening international and regional security and stability.

During the visit there were raised general issues concerning the police and customs cooperation in the region, including discussions on future enhancement of the cooperation and several aspects of countries’ joining SELEC as a member or operational partner. Working and communication systems of SELEC were also presented.

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