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Visit of representatives from Hungarian National University of Public Service

Bucharest, May 20th, 2016 - The Director General of SELEC, Mr. Grbz Bahadir, and Mr. Endre Hosszu, Hungarian Police Officer, welcomed today at the SELEC Headquarters, Dr. Jzsef Boda, Major General, Dean of the Faculty of Law Enforcement and Mr. Imre Dobk, Associate Professor, National University of Public Service.

Mr. Boda presented information about the Faculty of Law Enforcement which is the sole higher education institution in Hungary that conducts law enforcement training for police officers as well as firemen, customs and other law enforcement officers.

General issues concerning SELEC’s mission, and activities of both institutions were also discussed during the visit.

Participation at the training course Investigating Terrorism and National Security Offences

On May 17th, 2016, SELEC representatives, Mr. Eliodor Tanislav, Romanian Police Liaison Officer, and Mr. Robert Patrancus, Criminal Analyst, participated as lecturers at the training course “Investigating Terrorism and National Security Offences” organized by the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police at the Schengen Multifunctional Training Center located in Buzau/Romania.

The training course, attended by representatives of Romanian law enforcement agencies, SELEC and Europol, was addressed to Romanian frontline police officers specialized in investigating terrorism offences.

SELEC representatives made a general overview on SELEC, presented the activities and joint investigations developed in the framework of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force, and introduced the Booklet on Counterterrorism developed by SELEC jointly with the Turkish National Police.

Seizure of 62 kg of heroin during a joint action between Turkish and Bulgarian authorities

On the 5th of May 2016, a quantity of 62 kg of heroin was seized by Istanbul Narcotic Police Department in an operation following a SELEC-coordinated process between Bulgarian and Turkish Police authorities. The members of the organized criminal network involved in the case were arrested. The communication regarding the case was facilitated by Turkish and Bulgarian Police Liaison Officers posted at SELEC.

SELEC supported this investigation by facilitating the swift exchange of information and by providing operational assistance.

The investigation is still on-going and further results are expected in near future.

Last year, in the framework of the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force, 31 joint investigations were supported by SELEC, the highest amount of heroin (12,6 tons) being seized by Republic of Turkey.

SELEC’s operational activities are conducted mainly in the framework of its eight Task Forces addressing various areas of trans-border organized criminality, the Anti-Drug Trafficking Task Force established in 2000 and coordinated by Republic of Bulgaria being one of the most active.

SELEC awards Bulgarian officers

The awarding ceremony for Operation Caddy, that was granted by SELEC the Second prize for the second semester of 2015, took place in the Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime in the presence of the Director, Mr. Ivaylo Spiridonov, and Deputy Director, Mr. Stefan Dzholev. The Certificates of Honor were offered to Mr. Cvetan Pankov, Head of the Drugs department, Mr. Ivan Vasilev, Head of Unit for illegal international traffic of drugs, and to the case officer, Mr. Nikolay Dimitrov.

Joint investigation Caddy, involved competent authorities from Republic of Bulgaria and Romania, and led to the arrest of three persons and seizure of 16,5 kg of heroin. The organized criminal group consisting in German, Romanian and Turkish nationals were trafficking heroin from Republic of Turkey to Western European countries. The efficient coordination and swift exchange of information in this successful joint investigation was done through SELEC. (more)

Danube Strategy Steering Group meeting

Bucharest, May 13th, 2016 - Mrs. Snejana Maleeva, Director for Legal and Internal Affairs, attended the Steering Group meeting of the Priority Area 11 “Security”, European Strategy for the Danube Region, that took place in The Hague, on 10 - 11 May 2016.

Under the Chairmanship of the Bulgarian Priority coordinator (Bulgarian Ministry of Interior), the meeting focused on the progress of the on-going projects and initiatives, the opportunities for funding Priority Area 11 projects, as well as the possibilities for horizontal cooperation with other Priority Areas within the Danube Strategy.

During the meeting, Mrs. Maleeva, who is a member of the Steering Group, presented the status-quo of the implementation of the project “Countering Trafficking in Persons” approved for financing under the START instrument, as well as the initiative to organize, jointly with the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, a workshop on strengthening the cooperation between Police and Customs in combating drug trafficking, to be held in June 2016, at the SELEC Headquarters.

Visit of a delegation from US Department of State and Department of Defense

Bucharest, May 12th, 2016 - Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu, Director for Operations, received at the SELEC Headquarters in Bucharest, a visit of US Department of Defense/Defense Threat Reduction Agency and US Department of State/Office of Counterproliferation Initiatives’ representatives.

Mr. Ungureanu briefed the participants about SELEC’s way of functioning and activities, its role in the Southeast European region, as well as mentioned the long term partnership with USA, which currently holds the Operational Partner status with SELEC.

During the meeting, future common activities that could be developed for the benefit of the Member States were discussed.

Visit of Europol Deputy Director

On May 11th, 2016, Mr. Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu, SELEC Director for Operations, hosted at SELEC Headquarters in Bucharest the visit of Mr. Wil van Gemert, Deputy Director of Europol, Operations Department.

Mr. van Gemert was briefed on SELECs range of initiatives and ongoing activities implemented at regional level.

During the meeting, different topics related to the areas of expertise of both organizations were discussed, as well as possibilities of aligning the activities calendars in order to make a more efficient use of resources, for the benefit of both organizations and their Member States, were explored.